A Maternity Story: Jorge and Mariana

A place where mommy, daddy and baby will spend most of their time together. A place where all the diaper changing, the late nights staying up, the bedtime stories and eventually the baby’s first steps would all take place. A place that will soon be home for their sweet baby girl, Mackenzie. Their hearts were filled to the brim with so much excitement for their precious little girl to arrive and for their family of two to grow into three. I spent the morning simply capturing a story of their warm embrace and sweet moments around their home as they prepare for the arrival of their firstborn.


Letterpress Styling & Photography

I recently had the opportunity to jump on board with a letterpress company based in Texas to do styling and photography for their products. It’s been so much fun diving into this. Its such a delight and joy to work with this company.


I am constantly in a state of trying to surround myself with wonderful humans who inspire me on a daily basis. This guy is most definitely one of them! Allow me to introduce my creative genius of a friend, Michael Stark. He is an immensely talented photographer, working along side his incredible sisters with their business Traditional Pattern. So blessed to know this chap! Check out a few pics of this dapper guy, taken for the launch party of their photography company!

Darling Magazine Dinner No.4

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend one of Darling Magazine’s Dinners. I sat there at a beautifully set table, next to my sweet mama and listened to these ladies pour out their hearts, being proud to speak of their faith and share their stories. We cried, we laughed, we prayed, we talked, we ate great food and we just simply enjoyed each other’s company. It was such a magical night and I am so thankful that I was there. I left feeling so encouraged. I think it is truly remarkable to see women together in a means to encourage each other in their life endeavors. I love to see women adopting the role of sisterhood to support one another and inspire each other to live life more beautiful and more purpose driven! I’m so grateful that I was surrounded by a group of women who are doing just that. Darling Magazine continually uplifts women and pushes us to see our fullest potential. It is incredible to see the way that they are beautifully impacting women all around the world. Thank you Darling Magazine for such an unforgettable night!

Artist / Shawna J

I got the call from this talented singer to shoot the cover of her next album and I happily obliged! I have known Shawna for a long while now and it is incredible to see the woman that she has become. The talent that this girl has is remarkable and it was a joy to capture these special moments for her.


Reaching that ripe ole age of 27 just made me want to go back to being a kid again. Allowing the simplest things to spark that sense of adventure and unfathomable imagination! I wanted to go somewhere that embodied adventure, pizazz, gumption and that sweet sweet feeling of being carefree! “Disneyland!!”, my heart screamed it from the mountaintops! I made the arrangements, scoped out the best airbnb places to stay and set out for California! Beautiful sunsets and the smell of saltwater in the air. I couldn’t get enough. It was everything i wanted….and more!

Listen Explore

“A space for creatives and entrepreneurs to adventure side-by-side, to dream together & listen to one another’s stories!” – The Howards. I felt honored to be among such wonderful individuals who were searching for a life of adventure and developing ways for their creative voices to be heard through their art! We shared life stories. Adventured on a hike. Had good laughs. Ate great food. And formed a melting pot of ideas and helpful tips for our creative endeavors! It was such an unforgettable day full of encouragement and inspiration. I left with my spirits high and my creative voice roaring!

An Inspired Life: The Stark Sisters || Pt.2

Sisters are just so incredibly special. We are uniquely bonded in a way that allows us to understand each others struggles and share in each others victories. We are a part of each other. We see the positive in each other when our minds only avert to the negative. We tell each other of how beautiful the other is when we go through days of wanting to break the mirror. We remind each other of how special and wanted the other is when we’ve felt the pain of heart break. Sisters are the “golden thread that holds together the meaning and joys of life.” We are the kindred spirits that are forever fused together in this wild and beautiful journey.

An Inspired Life: The Stark Sisters || Pt.1

Two remarkable sisters chasing after the heart of God. Continually searching for His hand in everything that they set out to do. I always leave feeling so inspired after spending time with them. It’s so beautiful how they encourage each other, pray with each other, craft with each other, do devotions with each other, laugh with each other, dance with each other and just simply do life with each other! They each have such incredible gifts and talents that i know are going to impact this world in some way! They obtain such an infectious joy that spreads to every corner of any room that they are in! I felt delighted and honored to just tag along with them in their lovely bedroom just simply being together as sisters. Laughing seemed to be a necessity with these two and i loved every minute! Though there is such a lovely bond in who they are as sisters, there is also a beautiful sense of individuality that shines so brightly with these girls! Here is a peek into a sweet, simple hour with the lovely Stark Sisters!

Sauvie Island Farm

It was the most serene day. Two girls getting lost in rows & rows of berries without a single care in the world. There was so much laughter and joy on this day. Being in this place took my mind off of any straying thoughts and just allowed me to be in the moment. Fully and immensely in the moment! We picked the most delicious berries that were soon made into morning smoothies & a yummy berry cheesecake. The yummiest! This was a day for the history books, one that will always bring a smile in moments of reminiscing! Thank you Suavie Island Farm for the loveliest of days! {click on the image above to see more photos}