Sauvie Island Farm

My main purpose for going to Oregon was to spend time with one of my best friends, Amy!  We have known each other since our days in college and I am blessed to call her my friend.  She has the most caring & loving spirit and she made my experience in Portland far greater than I expected.  She planned out so many adventures for us and Sauvie Island Farm was among one of the best.  It was scheduled to rain that day (as im told is the case for most days in Portland) but we set out for a day of berry picking anyway.  We drove through open, beautiful farm land and I couldn’t help but to daydream about living in such a lovely place.  I am most definitely a lover of the country so this drive was heaven for me.  We finally made our way to Sauvie Island Farm and got ready for an experience that was new for both of us.  We grabbed our little, yellow buggy and started walking along a dirt road that led to the magic we’d been waiting for!  To our left and right, there were long rows full of flowers, fruits and vegetables!  It was so overwhelming — in the best way possible!  We didn’t know where to start!  We knew for sure that we wanted blackberries and yellow raspberries but we also snagged a bit of kale along the way.  It was the most serene day.  Every few minutes i couldn’t help but to stop and look up to be awed by the view.  It was farm land as far as the eye could see.  Mountains were off in the distance with a soft blanket of fog laying gently along its peak.  No raindrops had fallen yet, but we could see the clouds starting to dance around the grey filled sky.  We knew it wouldn’t be too long before the rain came in, but that wouldn’t stop us.  There was so much laughter and joy on this day.  Just us two girls getting lost in rows and rows of berries without a single care in the world.  Being in this place took my mind off of any straying thoughts and just allowed me to be in the moment.  Fully and immensely in the moment!  After a couple hours, our box was starting to get full, so we grabbed our belongings and pulled our little, yellow buggy safely back to its home.  We payed for the items we picked and headed to the car.  It was sad to leave the farm.  But we took with us such lovely memories from this place.  Not to mention, we picked the most delicious berries that were soon made into morning smoothies and a yummy berry cheesecake. The yummiest!  This was a day for the history books, one that will always bring a smile in moments of reminiscing! Thank you Suavie Island Farm for the loveliest of days!_MG_0801-804 _MG_0810-804 _MG_0823-204 _MG_0814_MG_0813-94_MG_0824-207 _MG_0825 _MG_0836_MG_0837-5 _MG_0850-2 _MG_0847 _MG_0862-904 _MG_0866 _MG_0867 _MG_0870 _MG_0874 _MG_0880-2 _MG_0884 _MG_0894-4 _MG_0887-404_MG_0928-1004 _MG_0888 _MG_0893-2_MG_0902 _MG_0895-2 _MG_0908-2 _MG_0911-2_MG_0924-404 _MG_0930-2 _MG_0950 _MG_0958-8_MG_0964 _MG_0978-3 _MG_0952_MG_0956 _MG_0988-2 _MG_0832

_MG_0916-104“A new land discovered is just land.  But a close friend by your side will make that land a place where laughter and joyful memories are forever!”