The Oregon Coast

I’m not sure if there are words that can justify such a serene and beautiful feeling. However, two words come to mind – Oregon Coast. My friend Amy and I packed a picnic lunch and set off to experience the coast. It was a Sunday morning as we drove through winding roads and tall trees that just made you feel calm and protected. As we got closer to the coast, we drove through a tiny neighborhood that felt so warm and inviting. It was a small piece of the earth that I had yet discovered. And i was so incredibly excited that i finally did. My heart is forever happy in this place! {click on the image above to see more photos}


Short Film: Ode to Oregon

As soon as it was set in stone for me to visit my friend in Portland, i knew i wanted to capture some of our adventures on film. I made an effort not to let the camera distract from enjoying every moment, but im glad i took a few seconds every now and then just to document the little joys we experienced. Here are a few moving moments of our days in Oregon! {click on the image above to view the video}

Hello, Seattle!

It was a cool, crisp morning as a group of girls packed into the car and made our way into the lovely city of Seattle. Pike’s Place Market was the destination and what a fun experience it was! Flooded by a sea of people with fruit stands, flying fish, tea shops, art stands, bookstores…etc. We made our way through the crowd & made sure to grab bargain buys and yummy treats along the way. A beautiful day in a beautiful city with beautiful friends. I couldn’t have been happier! {click on the image above to see more photos}


The month of September brought my first experience in Portland, Oregon. And what a beautiful experience it was! One of the best! The first day, I made my way to Stumptown Coffee where I randomly met one of my favorite singers, Sara Bareilles. From there, the days just got better! We visited the Kinfolk office, went berry picking at Sauvie Island Farm, made a day trip to Seattle, explored waterfalls, experienced Portland’s famous doughnut shop, sent off bottled messages on the Oregon Coast and not to mention countless hours of good ole fun times with one of my best friends, Amy! I am sure to return to this lovely city soon! Here are a few caputres of my days in Portland! {click on the image above to see more photos}