Darling Magazine Dinner No.4

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend one of Darling Magazine’s Dinners. I sat there at a beautifully set table, next to my sweet mama and listened to these ladies pour out their hearts, being proud to speak of their faith and share their stories. We cried, we laughed, we prayed, we talked, we ate great food and we just simply enjoyed each other’s company. It was such a magical night and I am so thankful that I was there. I left feeling so encouraged. I think it is truly remarkable to see women together in a means to encourage each other in their life endeavors. I love to see women adopting the role of sisterhood to support one another and inspire each other to live life more beautiful and more purpose driven! I’m so grateful that I was surrounded by a group of women who are doing just that. Darling Magazine continually uplifts women and pushes us to see our fullest potential. It is incredible to see the way that they are beautifully impacting women all around the world. Thank you Darling Magazine for such an unforgettable night!