An Inspired Life: The Stark Sisters || Pt.1

I am so excited to start a new series called An Inspired Life.  Capturing the “every day” of wonderful individuals who inspire me. I am so thrilled to start this series off with The Stark Sisters! This particular shoot is so near and dear to my heart.  It was inspired by my own relationship with my older sister, Honesty.  She is by far one of the most incredible blessings in my life.  We are both going thru the journey of chasing after our dreams, facing struggles and yet still being there to support each other every step of the way.  We believe in each other and make it intentional to be that extra push for one another to get over those tiring speed bumps in life.  I always feel so beautifully overwhelmed with the love i receive from my sister and I feel so undeserved to have been blessed with her.  She is the epitome of everything i find beautiful. She is the epitome of what a sister should be.  And she is the epitome of unconditional love.  Having connected with my sister much deeper in the past year, I desperately wanted to find a way to capture that special bond between two sisters.  Any sisters! Then, along came Sasha and Savannah Stark, the perfect fit to my puzzle. These girls are incredible in every way.  They are two remarkable ladies chasing after the heart of God.  Continually searching for His hand in everything that they set out to do.  I’ve spent so much time with these girls and their love for each other is so pure and so beautiful.  I always leave them feeling a bit more inspired with life!  They encourage each other, pray with each other, craft with each other, do devotions with each other, laugh with each other, dance with each other and just simply do life with each other!  They each have such incredible gifts and talents that the world is just waiting for! In fact, they just returned today from a missions trip in Korea – using their beautiful gifts to impact the hearts and lives of the people there!  They obtain such an infectious joy that spreads to every corner of any room that they are in.  I felt honored and delighted to just tag along with them for one sweet hour in their lovely bedroom just being together as sisters.  Capturing the simple moments of their day.  Laughing seemed to be a necessity with these two and i loved every minute! Though there is such a lovely bond in who they are as sisters, there is also a beautiful sense of individuality that shines so brightly with these girls!  I made it intentional to capture both.  Here is a peek into a sweet and simple hour with the lovely Stark Sisters!  Part II coming soon.IMG_3029-2sidewallIMG_2996-2IMG_2980IMG_2985-2IMG_3023-2IMG_3018-2IMG_3050-2IMG_3005-2IMG_3010-2IMG_3001-2deskIMG_3041-2IMG_3045-2IMG_3051-2IMG_3043-2IMG_3067-2IMG_3070IMG_3074-2IMG_3088-2IMG_3098-2IMG_3110-2IMG_3099-2IMG_3119-2IMG_3138-2IMG_3141-2IMG_3146IMG_3155-2sashabedIMG_3197IMG_3195IMG_3203-2IMG_3219-2IMG_3224 IMG_3231-2 IMG_3235IMG_3242-3IMG_3258IMG_3245IMG_3280IMG_3265-2IMG_3267-2IMG_3270-3IMG_3272-2IMG_3275IMG_3274-2IMG_3289IMG_3311IMG_3336IMG_3284IMG_3346IMG_3360IMG_3363IMG_3377IMG_3380-2IMG_3382-2IMG_3390-2sistersmilesIMG_3397-2IMG_3039IMG_3405IMG_3401IMG_3430IMG_3425savwritingIMG_3421IMG_3444IMG_3451IMG_3437IMG_3439IMG_3460-2IMG_3464-2IMG_3468IMG_3466-2IMG_3481IMG_3484IMG_3492-2IMG_3494-2IMG_3514-2

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“Sisters are the backbone that keep you standing through the hard times and the wings that carry you into the sweet joys!”